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IT Education is now an integral part of a child’s future, IT paves the way to any field of study and further IT has now become a profession of its own for creating new opportunities, new businesses and further creating more and more employment both for the local and foreign job markets. Selecting the correct program at the best institution is essential. Follow us; I and my team will make you or your child the future of tomorrow.

Dr. Viraj Pinto Jayawardena
Chairman / Managing Director
BIT Semester 3 and 5 has just commenced now on. Hurry for Registrations
A Home for Studies.
To become the best provider for Quality Education

Student centric education to international standards

Featured Student
MANUSHIWith my ongoing Campus Activities, I initially felt that the BIT Degree will be a daunting task; however the staff at MATRIX, specially the lecturers, helped all of us to do our studies, exams and plan the future better. Now I just set for the final semester and aiming to obtain a first class for the BIT Degree. My current GPA stands at 4.00. ……………………………………………-Manushi-
Students’ Achivements 
  • BCS Certificate World Prize Winner
  • BCS PGD World Prize Winner
  • Prof V.K Samaranayaka Award
  • BIT 1st Class
  • Special Awards etc..
DSC02697Congratulations, MATRIX!!!
Tharindu Perera grabbed the Prof. V.K Samaranayake Award for the best student at the BIT convocation held on 10th Jan. 2014 at the BMICH. Tharindu attended most of semesters at MATRIX (Except Semester 01), his GPA was 3.47.
World Prize Winners of MATRIX
Ms.Shanika Jayawardena
Manager UNILEVER, PROMS-G World Prize Winner 2006 BCS Diploma – IT Project Management
IMG_0633 Ms.Rina Mohammed Faisal
The winner of BCS Certificate in IT World & Sri Lankan prize 2010/2011
IMG_0633Ms.Thilini Jayaweera
World Prize winner 2012 PGD  in IT & Prof.V.K Samaranayaka Award (Best Project)
IMG_0633Mr. Ajanthasingam  Jegasingam
Certificate in IT World Prize winner 2013
Parents and their commnets
IMG_0633My son got himself registered for BCS Certificate Level in 2011 at the age of 11. He got through in all the levels at the first sittings. Even the hurdle of the PGD project was a simple step for him. Thank you very much Matrix. We are proud of you, as we are proud of our son.
Dr. Sudath Damsinghe
Father of Chayu Diyath Damsinghe
IMG_0633 I selected BCS for my daughter because it is the best path to become an IT professional.
Matrix is the best place to study and it is suitable for our culture. It maintains a good discipline as well. We can discuss anything with lecturers and top management easily. Matrix is a place which has well qualified lectures, flexible timetables & a good environment.
Mrs. Geetha Jayaweera
Mother of Thilini
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