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BCS Chartered Institute for IT
Description: BCS is a three stage degree equivalent program of learning aimed at Learners with minimal IT knowledge, qualifications and experience to allow them to progress up to higher levels of competency. Completing the BCS PGD Level may serve as an entrance condition to a Master degree course in selected UK universities as well as any local university in Sri Lanka as it is UGC approved.
Course title: BCS Higher Education Qualifications
Awarding Body: The Chartered Institute for IT (HEQ)
Levels: 3 Levels
  • Certificate Level      (Ofqual & NVQ Level 4, Equivalent for a UK degree 1st Year)
  • Diploma Level         (Ofqual & NVQ Level 5, Equivalent for a UK degree 2nd Year)
  • PGD Level               (Ofqual & NVQ Level 6, Equivalent for a UK degree 3rd Year)
Duration:  1 and half Years Program.
Fee structure:  LKR. 18,500/= x 18 months [Monthly Payment Inclusive with Exam fee]
Discounts: category and percentage
Category Discount Percentage
Full payment by Credit card 5%
Full payment by Cash 10%
University students 20%
Repeaters 50%
Entry Qualifications:  A pre-requisite of registering for all examinations is that the learner must become a student member of BCS (unless already a BCS member).
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